Vail Daily letter: A dumb comment |

Vail Daily letter: A dumb comment

Gary Zentz
Vail, CO, Colorado

In the “Our World” section on Thursday the 23rd there was an article titled “Concealed-weapons law rejected.” I don’t know if this comes from the AP or the Daily staff.

The Senate rejected a law which would have let people carry a concealed weapon in all 48 states that have a concealed weapons system. It’s called a reciprical system.

I would like to comment on the second part of the article, however it’s too bad the bill didn’t pass.

The article states that oppenents (liberal senators like Charles Schmuer from New York and John Kerry from Massachussetts, etc.) would let people with guns from less stringent states (like Colorado) into their states.

It says that other states with less restrictions issue permits to “convicted criminals, minors and people with no firearms training.”

I have a concealed weapons permit from New York, which was issued in 1986. It was exceptionally difficult to receive even then.

I am in the process of going through the system to get a permit in Colorado.

To my knowledge, no state issues a weapon to any convicted criminal. It’s a federal crime to even possess a gun if you’re a convicted felon. It’s a 10- year federal sentence.

This is the most absurd thing I have ever read in the liberal media. It just doesn’t happen. Period.

Another paper printed that Charles Schmuer claimed that this law will save lives.

Actually, states that have concealed carry have a lower crime rate.

Why? Because criminals fear an armed citizenry. Wouldn’t you if you preyed on innocent victims?

Just another pathetic attempt by the mainstream media to distort the actual facts. I would except no less from the politically motivated and ill-informed big media. If all the major networks and large publications can’t tell the truth, which they don’t, this country is in a lot of trouble.

Gary Zentz


Editor’s note: This was a two-paragraph brief from The Associated Press. It attributed the comment to what opponents said they feared would happen.

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