Vail Daily letter: A few thoughts |

Vail Daily letter: A few thoughts

Doug Weinheimer
Gypsum, CO Colorado

I just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Butler for doing a some research and putting a nice little spin on a story that has quite a few of us readers interested. Obviously this is a delicate case and spouting off about justice when no one has been tried, convicted or sentenced isn’t how to approach this story, but we’re all wondering.

If it’d been me, working front desk at a hotel without a penny in his pocket just living to ski, would a judge consider latent sleep apnea?

I doubt it. I doubt my lawyer would even realize I had latent sleep apnea. Court-appointed attorneys tend to not have that kind of convenient medical know-how.

Either way, I just wanted to thank Mr. Butler and give my thanks to the Vail Daily for yet another week of interesting reading.

On a side note, don’t punch teenage girls in ski school, especially in the face. That’s just common sense. At least that fellow’s going to answer for what he’s done.

After viewing the last couple of development projects move through the review process by our county commissioners and the cold to tempered reception they gave to the prospects of new jobs these new developments offer, I am left thinking the following. A major reason being these jobs are “not sustainable” leaves me to think “not sustainable” equates “stagnant.”

Our commissioners also stated that the highs and lows of the past 30 years are over, and it sounds like they are determined to see that is the outcome. I would rather deal with the opportunities and adversities offered with the more market highs and lows than be condemned to a stagnant sustainable level our county leaders seem to want to keep us on.

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