Vail Daily letter: A good treaty |

Vail Daily letter: A good treaty

I would appreciate the opportunity to amplify my previous letter on this same subject while also responding to Ron Ownby’s opinion

• Our negotiating team included some 200 knowledgeable men and women from the Department of Defense, the State Department, the Nuclear Energy Agency and selected experts from the private sector. Every one of them was dedicated to negotiating a treaty that would be in the best interests of our nation. And they did just that!

• Not only does the treaty define and reduce the number of weapons, but among other features, it also re-establishes reasonable terms for mutual surveillance.

• Mr. Gates our secretary of defense, Admiral Mullins, our Armed Forces chief of staff, and virtually every senior officer in the military are in favor of the treaty; and each one of them is a patriot who has been charged with the protection of our country. I believe that Mr. Obama also shares in, and accepts that responsibility.

• Mr. Ownby happens to be mistaken regarding numbers of warheads and launching devices potentially available, however that is really of little importance since 100 “strikes” would wipe out either or both of our countries.

• There can be no doubt that our costs will be less, our intelligence increased, and our relationship with Russia enhanced if the treaty is approved. Let’s stop politicizing issues that effect our well being as individuals, and more importantly, as a nation. Unfortunately, I believe that the senator from Arizona, Mr. Kyl, is doing just that!

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