Vail Daily letter: A low for Vail community |

Vail Daily letter: A low for Vail community

Jason Peters
Vail, CO, Colorado

Last Thursday, I witnessed one of the most pathetic things I have seen in this town.

The folks at Gorsuch placed two banners on their balcony that overlooked Gore Creek Drive. The banners were for Thomas Walsh, the freshman at Vail Mountain School who is battling a very serious cancer.

These banners were signed by his fellow students with words of encouragement. One of the Gorsuch children is a classmate.

The town of Vail Code Enforcement forced the management at Gorsuch to remove the banners, as they did not have a special events permit.

My jaw dropped when I witnessed this. It was disturbing to think of the hell this poor kid is going through, and the only thing the town of Vail could think of was that these banners needed to be removed because of a special events permit? Is the town that greedy, or were these banners that much of an eyesore?

Then again, at the same time, a Realtor sign for an “open house” was planted in the intersection of Gore Creek Drive and Bridge Street.

This is exactly why so many people say that Vail has no community any more and is nothing more than a greedy town filled with snobs.

Can you really blame them when it’s OK for a real estate sign in the middle of the street but not a simple banner on a balcony for a local kid who is fighting for his life?

This is truly a low this town has just hit.

Good luck, Thomas. My mom had breast cancer twice and beat it. So can you! You have our thoughts and prayers.

Jason Peters


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