Vail Daily letter: A nation of sheep |

Vail Daily letter: A nation of sheep

Yolanda Marshall
Vail, CO, Colorado

As our country faces one of the most important issues of the last 50 years, that of health insurance reform, we are being led to the edge of a cliff by a self-serving pied piper.

The well-funded, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance corporations, and special interest groups are providing millions of dollars per day to scare the populace with unfounded claims.

This misinformation is meant to incite people into acting against their own well being.

The goal of this campaign of deception is to protect the enormous profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as related parties benefiting from our over-priced, and over-prescribed medical system.

As the former wife of a highly respected cardiologist, I know there are many fine, dedicated physicians. But the astronomical malpractice insurance premiums needed to cover limitless awards has driven many out of the field or forced them to order unnecessary tests and procedures to cover this cost.

All of this expense and questionable testing is ultimately forced onto trusting patients.

Those of you happy with your health benefits, because your employer is providing them, should ask; “Are they really free?” Businesses required to provide health insurance for their employees handicap themselves in a competitive, global market.

Look at General Motors. The fantastic benefits provided in the ’50s and ’60s were a major factor in finally driving a struggling company out of the U.S. and into countries where they don’t have to pay this overhead.

Thousands lost not only their jobs but also their insurance. I grew up in a Midwest town with 20 GM plants and 22,000 workers. It was a golden age for employees. The last remaining plant was bulldozed a few years ago. Businesses cannot sustain this burden and remain competitive in a global economy.

Ask most Canadians or Brits if they would trade their “socialized” medicine for ours and you’ll get an incredulous, “No way!” Yes, for non-emergency appointments one may have to wait, but how may times have you had to wait three weeks or more just to get in to see your doctor or dentist?

If you would ask your mom to give up her Social Security or Medicare, or a disabled person to give up their medicaid, or a veteran to forgo his VA benefits, you would hear a huge cry for continued government involvement.

Our dysfunctional system is at a critical point. Don’t be fooled and follow the scare tactics of the pied piper. Think! Question! Look at what works and doesn’t work in other countries.

We should be very ashamed that this wealthy country is lagging so far behind all the other developed countries in this area.

With changes, we can afford to provide every citizen with good, affordable health care. Instead of being obstructionist, let’s give constructive ideas to our representatives and insist that we get a health care system that serves all Americans and that, as a country, we can be proud of.

Yolanda Marshall


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