Vail Daily letter: A parable |

Vail Daily letter: A parable

Drew David Schaefer
Vail, CO, Colorado

And lo! Peter created Vail, and on the 12th month he was done, and it was good.

And Vail grew, augmenting its terrain, and these became famous, and Peter smiled, for it was good.

Vail begat the Back Bowls, Northwoods, the Game Creek and Lionshead, and they grew plentifully and multiplied. As Vail grew, its racing history became legendary, and this too was good.

And yet Vail was not satisfied, and sought to render creation to Beaver Creek.

After a perilously disturbing phase, before 1976, this too became a part of our valley, and this too, was good. As the younger sibling ski area birthed, grew and found itself, Vail was, still, the better known, and this was good.

In 1989, the world saw that Vail and Beaver Creek were very good, and ski racing entered a new era with chemically-iced racing courses, where the world saw Walliser, Schneider, Tauscher and Hangl winning, and lo! cameth great satisfaction throughout the valley, and recognition from our world.

In 1999, came back the world to Vail! And those were the days of Gotschl, Meissnitzer, Maier and Kjus. And lo! Vail rejoiced, for this was good.

And so, as Vail was good, and Beaver Creek was good, seemed bright our future, and the FIS saw this which was Vail becoming increasingly good, and it bequeathed our 2015.

Yet amidst the heavens and the glory (of snow never-ending!) were sown the seeds of future discord.

For Vail had verily changed in its motivations, and had found, with its young sibling growing strong, that it could continue to grow, adding one property after another, into multitudes of stars that would ever turn Vail into a still greater constellation.

And yet cameth the Days of Reckoning, Vail, which in its glory had outgrown ski racing stadiums for lodgings and clubs, found the light of the FIS glowing in another manger. The glory became the siblings, and would our parable end with a “Cain and Abel” denouement?

This parable ends with a question: Would Vail have in its memory the Colorado reaction to the 1976 Olympics, and the derision put on our state by the world when the state refuted the gift of the Olympics?

I truly hope so.

Drew David Schaefer

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