Vail Daily letter: A police state now |

Vail Daily letter: A police state now

David Kraft
Vail, CO, Colorado

ECO Transit will halt bus service at midnight this ski season. The transportation crisis this will cause will strand hundreds of service workers on the late-night shift who don’t own a car, can’t afford to park and can’t afford taxis. This news comes on the heels of ECO ridership rising 20 percent from the previous year. I was told that if ECO Transit doubled, tripled or quadrupled fares, they still couldn’t cover the loss in sales tax revenue that funds most of the bus service. He acknowledged the massive cutback will strand many commuters and have a crippling effect on not just late night, but day-time bus service, too.

No more service to Dotsero, and bus service to Minturn has been slashed to the bone with one bus in the morning, one in the evening. The hardship to the Minturn commuters alone should be cause for alarm. All the backcountry skiers visiting the Saloon, get your thumb ready. When hitchhiking becomes a valid form of transport, Vail will become a second-rate joke. How will the late-night businesses function if their people can’t afford to park and don’t have the bus option? Don’t forget that if you drive late at night, police will tail you like a criminal. I was recently followed all the way to my destination by Vail Police. It was their way of saying “don’t drive at night and if you do, we will be your shadow.” For the designated driver, it’s a great feeling knowing that you be harassed no matter what.

I recently tried to help out some of the locals with a donation-based ride service in a bio-diesel powered Mercedes Benz.

How did Vail Police react to my designated driver service? I was lied to, ambushed, threatened with a $13,000 fine, intimidated, harassed and tailgated to the point I saw America vanish in my rearview mirror. This is my farewell address to the tyrannical Vail Police state. Pete Seibert is spinning in his grave.

Let’s shut down the valley at 11 p.m. so all the workers can go home at midnight. Let’s also have a curfew at 1a.m. Anyone caught after that will be locked up. If there was a roadblock at the roundabout, cops wouldn’t need squad cars anymore. They could just walk people to jail. All the money saved on gasoline and tires could be donated to ECO Transit.

David Kraft

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