Vail Daily letter: A show worth seeing |

Vail Daily letter: A show worth seeing

Raymond A. Bleesz
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver hosted a reception Friday night for the 72 photographers whom Hal Gould and his assistant Loretta selected for a show titled “The Art of Photography Today.”

Driving down from the Vail Valley to Denver for the occasion along with fellow photographer Rick Spitzer, who just published a book titled, “Colorado Mountain Passes,” we took in along the way the fresh snow atop the peaks and the fall colors, expecting to arrive at the gallery in the early evening.

Upon arriving, I was stunned by the very large attendance, something I have never seen at Hal’s gallery before – utterly amazing – shoulder-to-shoulder attendance, and I have been attending Hal’s receptions since 1976.

In viewing the images, one of which was mine, I was totally impressed with the diversity and depth of the selected images – outstanding creativity, technical mastership, unique vision.

In looking at names, most were unknown to me. However, I did see several faces and names I have come to know over the years in the Denver photographic community. Being in the mountains, away from artistic contact of Denver, has its drawbacks.

Awards were to be given. This was so unique. A call was given to go outside. Hal, an octogenarian, had help climbing atop a stone pillar as he addressed his audience as night darkened. He spoke with emotion, with short bursts of speech.

It was so Hal. At the end of the ceremony, he asked the gathered crowd, “Should we do this next year?”

There was a thunderous affirmative response.

Traveling late into the evening back to the Vail Valley, Rick and I discussed the evening’s events. He had never been to the gallery or had met Hal and was totally impressed.

We discussed photo-related topics, mentioning specific photos, etc. The title of the show was right on target.

Seeing fellow photographers, seeing unique vision, seeing differences in style, seeing photographic energy was so pleasurable.

I hope the press does good will to this show, as I certainly would recommend its viewing. It was so outstanding.

Raymond A. Bleesz


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