Vail Daily letter: A smarter way |

Vail Daily letter: A smarter way

Jill Ann Fryklund
Vail, CO Colorado

I guess I’m speaking for myself but believe others are in my position. When voting in person or by mail, the voter is presented with a slew of names and parties. While I wish I could say I’m up to speed on all candidates and what they stand for, I am not. I find political ads annoying, repetitive and yellow in nature. So I turn the channel, disregard the sign or only brief myself on print. Sorting political agendas is not easy, and it absorbs personal resources. As I look today at the ballot, the easiest thing to do is to go with name recognition, but more than likely that would not match my true opinion.

Question: Has it ever been tabled, on any level, that candidate names and political views be included with mail-in ballot material (simple “quick reads” by bullet point) and/or could the materials be made available on Election Day at ballot stations? I realize this adds cost, but it would be more effective than the current system that submerges the general public in negativity and overstatement. It’s wasted money.

My feeling is that elections could better reveal voter opinion and interests if candidate platforms were communicated and consumed at a more immediate time. As it is now, to be a responsible voter, one has to research every candidate online or what have you to make an informed decision. Let’s be real – people simply end up choosing the person with the biggest advertising budget. So maybe next year?

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