Vail Daily letter: A true community |

Vail Daily letter: A true community

Jeffrey Rodeen
Vail, CO, Colorado

I recently had an accident on my morning bicycle commute to work. My tires slid out on some black ice and I went down hard and fast.

Some guys on their way to work stopped and called 911 for me, as I could not move my left leg and could not reach my phone.

The first to arrive was the Vail Fire Department, followed by an Eagle County ambulance. I was backboarded and loaded into the ambulance by the crews.

After an X-ray at the emergency room, the extent of my injury was clear: a proximal femur fracture. Surgery followed shortly after with rod and pins to repair the damage. A week in the hospital followed, with doctor, nursing, physical therapy and patient care.

I am writing this letter to thank all of the health care professionals for the work they do and their dedication to their jobs.

Also to thank my friends for their visits, phone calls, help and support for my family and myself.

Vail truly is a community and people help one another. I hope I can contribute back to the community as they have to myself and my family.

Jeffrey Rodeen


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