Vail Daily letter: A very good sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: A very good sheriff

Heather Lemon
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have known Joe Hoy for many years. We have even campaigned together in the past and he worked with my son, J.D., in the DARE program in the 1990s. He has always been consistent and has followed through on all of his promises. He has been a very good sheriff and done his job well.

There have been complaints from people who don’t understand how the law works. They say he should arrest the people affiliated with the medical marijuana dispensaries. That is legal here and he does not have the authority to change the law. I have also heard complaints regarding undocumented workers and the role of the sheriff. That is also an area that the federal government deals with. Joe doesn’t have the budget to do a job that is someone else’s (federal).

Joe Hoy does a great job with what he is elected and hired to do. Keep a good experienced man in the Sheriff’s Office.

Heather Lemon

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