Vail Daily letter: A victory in Red Cliff |

Vail Daily letter: A victory in Red Cliff

Barb Bomier
Red Cliff, CO Colorado

On Monday, the Red Cliff Town Council voted to defeat the proposed Moltz quarry/strip mine annexation along scenic byway Highway 24. Those of us against this annexation would like to thank Councilman Dan Wallace for making the motion to defeat, and Garrett Scahill for seconding that motion. Councilmen Dan Wallace, Garrett Scahill and Duane Nelson then voted on this motion to defeat this annexation application that has been around for about a year. We are very proud of the actions of these councilmen. New councilman Adam Williams could not vote as he was just recently appointed to the board. We recognize Councilwoman Betty Sandoval for not seconding the mayor’s motion to pass the quarry/strip mine annexation.

Over the course of many months, many people have written letters (all in opposition). We thank the following: Eagle County, Colorado Division of Wildlife (Bill Andree), Colorado Wild (two letters), Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway, Lee Rimel (two letters), Jack Holmes, Blondie Vucich, Jaci Spuhler, Kara Heide, Jim Olson, Ron Mitchell and the tireless Marjorie Westermann for their letters.

We thank all those who came to the many, many meetings. Thanks to Diana Cisneros, Lin Janson-Will and Georgetta Stevens, who collected (in a casual manner, mostly over the course of last weekend), the signatures of 73 Red Cliff residents who oppose this annexation, and thanks to those same Red Cliff residents who eagerly provided those signatures. (Some residents of Red Cliff are still seeking out the lists to sign).

We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Eagle County Commissioners Sara Fisher, Jon Stavney and Peter Runyon for coming to several meetings, providing support and comments about this annexation. Last, but not least, we thank Rocky Christopher of Vail for also coming to several meetings and delivering perhaps the best speech that has ever been heard within the canyon walls of Red Cliff. He says they should have known better than to mess with an Italian’s favorite bike route!

If I’ve missed thanking someone, please accept my apologies. Thanks to many, scenic byway Highway 24 remains scenic.

The Moltz people threaten that they’ll be back. In the meantime, we celebrate our victory and recharge for the next battle.

Barb Bomier Red Cliff

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