Vail Daily letter: About that $9.4 million |

Vail Daily letter: About that $9.4 million

Paul Rondeau
Vail, CO Colorado

The April 5 town of Vail meeting explored notions of using the $9.4 million previously collected for a conference center that was subsequently turned down by the voters. The ideas involved using the funds for, one, capital projects and/or, two, refunding funds by “temporary tax credits or rate reductions” (per TABOR rules). One or more of eight criteria – too detailed to mention – would have to be met in order to “make the cut” for capital projects. The most noteworthy criteria is the ability to gain leverage through matching funds from other funding sources – i.e., other public entities and private investment. Upon reflection, one view on the subject is:

• $9.4 million is a relatively small amount for municipal projects.

• Put the funds toward one project so folks can remember where the funds went.

• Put the ballot issue in August when folks are here.

• Word the ballot issue so you either get one identifiable project or refund the money – possibly 50-50 to sales tax and property tax reductions. For example, the ballot question could read, “Select one of the following: Project A, Project B or refund the funds (with a brief explanation as to how).”

• Send out a comprehensive booklet before the ballot issue to explain all the details and citizens’ views of the pros and cons.

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