Vail Daily letter: About that mosque |

Vail Daily letter: About that mosque

Darryl Bangert
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to Richard Carnes column: “When a right’s not right”: This commentary, if you missed it, was great and summarizes many opinions I have heard – “Tasteless” to build a mosque so close to ground zero.

I would expand that it is more than tasteless. It is more “in your face” with the Muslim religious agenda.

Building the mosque touches on Americans’ thoughts that Islam is trying to take over the world, breaking the “Great Satan.”

That is what radical Muslims say, not me. That was the intent behind Sept. 11.

People rejoicing in the Muslim world over the deaths of Americans … remember?

Are all Muslims willing to resort to violence and suicide to change the world for Allah? Certainly not.

Yet the moderate Muslim world does not seem to take very many steps to control the radicals.

They are the people that can change the radicals, not the victims of the radicals’ hatred. The great thinkers of the world have come up with this analysis, not me.

So where is the effort from within the Muslim world to control the radicals?

There are thousands of Christians murdered yearly in Muslim countries. So, perhaps moderates are not really that moderate or in that much control.

The imam proposing the mosque has been characterized as a moderate.

Well, if you are a moderate, then come out forcefully against Sept. 11, be aware that this was an act of war by your religion against the American people.

If you do not condemn them and you do not force change in your own house, then which side are you really on? Obviously the Muslim side, but are you willing to forcefully condemn murder in the name of Allah?

What are your beliefs about terrorist acts and how do you show your complete disapproval? By offending Americans by building a mosque so close to the greatest terrorist act against us?

Actions speak exactly what your bottom line is.

And this is what angers us. Clean your house and do not hide behind our rights to give justification for murdering people.

All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing, in any religion or country.

Darryl Bangert


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