Vail Daily letter: About the Ravinos’ champagne |

Vail Daily letter: About the Ravinos’ champagne

"Uncle" Charlie Donalson
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to the Ravinos’ reunion: Thank you for the interview and article, but I must correct you about the Charlie’s Champagne Birthday Party’s procedure.

Never, ever did we drink on the chairlifts (too dangerous, and illegal!).

On Jan. 30, I would buy the champagne, haul it up in boxes and plant all of them in the snow at the warming shelter on FlapJack (next door to Hairbag Alley) near the bottom of Chair 11.

There I baby-sat them all day along with lunch I brought up for everyone.

Throughout the day, friends would stop in and pop a cork. We’d have a toast to their birth year and then continue skiing.

Each bottle was labeled from 1950 to 1978 because it was a toast for you and your birth year! It was never about little old me because any hippy, hairbag hobbit always gives away presents on their birthday.

Next year, I’ll need some help to haul 61 bottles up! There will be a bottle with 1988 on it for you, Sarah!

“Uncle” Charlie Donalson

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