Vail Daily letter: About those Marines |

Vail Daily letter: About those Marines

Regarding the Marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers: Other than the president and the secretary of defense, anyone who has not been in combat shouldn’t have anything to say about the matter, period.

Before passing any type of judgment, we need to know what preceded the event, what losses these Marines may have endured and what their level of frustration might have been before rendering judgment. Additionally, what they did was not deplorable, inhuman or a war crime, as some have suggested. It was a sophomoric, base and just plain stupid act on their part. They embarrassed the Marine Corps in front of the whole world and were supreme idiots for allowing themselves to be filmed in the first place.

I concur with Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., a much-decorated former Army lieutenant colonel who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, that these Marines were wrong and should receive maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment).

Additionally, they should have a general officer letter of reprimand placed in their personnel files. Finally, each should stand before their battalion and have their apology to God, country and Corps videotaped.

Butch Mazzuca


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