Vail Daily letter: About time! |

Vail Daily letter: About time!

Last June I wrote a letter pointing out a totally ridiculous enforcement of a railroad crossing stop sign in the Edwards area. Citations were being handed out for not stopping for a train that hadn’t regularly used the tracks for 10 years or more.

Recently I received a call from Vail informing me that this sign was removed, apparently because it was impeding traffic that a new nearby school was generating. After the school’s opening, the actual labor of officers was necessary to wave traffic through the railroad crossing because of the slowdown there.

Instead of using their hands to write citations, officers had to utilize a different form of manual dexterity — a waving through type motion! Of course, this involved more exercise and less revenue, but I’m sure the local constabulary will provide other ingenious ways of keeping job security and benefits packages intact.

The sign is gone now, leading to smoother traffic flow. This letter is a sarcastic way of pointing something out that should be obvious to all.

Sadly, most law enforcement would view this as an affront to their “uniformed duty.” I mean no disrespect to those personnel who take their job seriously and make too many sacrifices. The disrespect I have is for a system that promotes the utilization of badges and uniforms to produce revenue through taxation by way of citations for picayune or non-existent offenses.

Our as citizens, is to help such situations by pointing out how ridiculous such practices are. Hopefully the dollar sign mentality, one putting law enforcement on more of a business-type level, will eventually lead to a sign of the times, a sign of common sense. Let’s hope we see more of those signs in the future!

Jeff Talbot

Redding, Calif.

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