Vail Daily letter: Above and beyond |

Vail Daily letter: Above and beyond

Jenny Hejtmanek
Vail, CO, Colorado

This fall, my niece, Emily McGee, and her husband, Chris, and son, Ethan (18 months old), set out for a much-needed vacation to the Vail Valley. After traveling more than an hour to the Kansas City airport, soon to board their plane, they realized that they had forgotten Ethan’s seizure medication.

Knowing that Ethan needed to take his medication twice daily, they were debating canceling their flight and returning home to pick up Ethan’s medication. Emily quickly called me at 5 p.m. to see if there was a pharmacy in the Vail Valley that could mix a seizure medication compound. Compounding is a very delicate and precise process that requires a certain amount of time.

I called the Vail Valley Pharmacy immediately, and they were accommodating and very understanding of the critical decision to load or not to load the plane, knowing that Ethan needed his medication.

Larry Nisonoff, the pharmacy manager, told me to have Emily and Chris call their Topeka pharmacy and have the prescription transferred to Vail Valley Pharmacy. Mr. Nisonoff and his wonderful staff reassured them that the compound could be made as soon as it was called into their pharmacy.

Because the Topeka pharmacy did not answer the phone immediately, Larry told them that they could have the prescription called in once they landed at Denver International Airport and not to worry.

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Fortunately, Ethan had taken his medication on the morning of their afternoon flight. The a.m. medication would carry him over until the next morning. Emily, Chris and Larry stayed in contact after arriving in Denver. Ethan’s medication was guaranteed to be ready by early morning the next day.

The next morning, we picked up the medication and Emily expressed her deepest appreciation to the Vail Valley Pharmacy for going above and beyond the call of duty to make their vacation a reality. The pharmacy took care of all the insurance information, which made for an easy transition from Topeka to Vail. It was a very emotional experience for me here in the valley as I tried to coordinate all aspects of getting the compound made for Ethan.

Shortly after all the calls were made, Eric Burgund, one of my toddler’s parents in my toddler classroom, came to pick up his daughter Avery. He could see that I was trying to make sure that Emily, Chris and Ethan made the flight from Kansas to Denver.

I explained the critical situation and he so graciously offered to go pick up Ethan’s medication that evening or the next day and deliver it to our home in Edwards. I will always remember and be appreciative of Eric Burgund’s random act of kindness.

Emily and Chris have often said, “We wish that the Vail Valley Pharmacy were located in Topeka, Kansas.” Vail Valley Pharmacy, you rock! Many thanks!

Jenny Hejtmanek


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