Vail Daily letter: Action vs. campaign bellicose |

Vail Daily letter: Action vs. campaign bellicose

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Let me begin by reviewing the record of President Obama. First of all, he brought the war in Iraq to an end and it was done very successfully. We can have genuine hope that the country will survive and its people will prosper.

He will also end our military’s involvement in Afghanistan with some hope that it too will survive as a reasonably democratic country.

And so he will have ended the two wars that have cost us too many lives and too much money.

But beyond that, he has taken many actions in keeping with the high principles of our country. He organized air support for the Libyan rebels; he supported the uprising in Egypt; he has authorized drone strikes against leaders of al Qaida and the Taliban in Yemen and Pakistan; and he sent the Navy Seals into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden.

Those have been powerful actions with positive results, and without bringing us the horrors of war!

Additionally, and also with some genuine hope for success, he continues to lead all efforts to achieve effective sanctions against Iran.

Those are facts, but here comes Mr. Romney making the completely inane statement that none of those problems would even exist if he was president! Additionally, he has stated that Iran would not be developing a nuclear capability if he was president.

And so I ask, other than by using sanctions, just how would he peacefully stop Iran? Or, if he was elected, would he bring us yet another war by either bombing or even invading that country?

Unfortunately, I happen to believe that he might.

David Le Vine


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