Vail Daily letter: Actual spending |

Vail Daily letter: Actual spending

William McCarthy
Vail, CO, Colorado

My recent criticism of Sheriff Hoy’s expenses vs. budget drew a misleading immediate response from a Hoy supporter.

The $10,372,178 in 2009 was not a budget – it was the actual amount spent. Perhaps the commissioners would prefer to call it an “adjusted budget,” but let’s call it what it is – the actual amount spent in 2009.

A budget is, by definition, a financial forecast or plan. One would be a financial wizard to budget $10,372,178 and spend exactly that amount one year later. The sheriff spends and the commissioners cover the overdraft every year.

Further, with regard to personnel adjustments, please don’t use past-tense terminology, as in “we have reduced the overall staffing,” when in fact this has not yet happened but is a plan for 2011 with no present implementation.

I believe we have an intelligent electorate here in Eagle County, and we will not be deterred with vague, tricky terminology any longer. Just the facts, Mr. Sheriff, please.

William McCarthy


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