Vail Daily letter: Against Hidden Gems |

Vail Daily letter: Against Hidden Gems

Sandy Anderson
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m in agreement with the letter from Stephanie Ratkowski. We should be outraged at the commissioners’ lack of response to the requests of their voting public regarding the Hidden Gems issue.

It is obvious that the commissioners have decided that they know best and will make the decisions regarding this issue on their own.

Wrong answer. Let’s use the Arn Menconi era, for example. What a mess with lots of waste (of your tax dollars). The purchase of the Prius fleet was not supported by the public. Arn knew best and purchased a huge fleet of these now-recalled cars. Take a moment to drive around the county building in Eagle and count how many of these cars are sitting for extended periods of time without any use. We pay for the purchase, maintenance, licenses, insurance, etc., for cars that just take up space and are not used. What a waste, especially in a time when we are all struggling.

Again, with Hidden Gems, we have another opportunity for the commissioners to listen to and respond to their public but have unfortunately chosen not to.

They know what is best for us, turning a blind eye to our opposition, throwing us and our back country under the bus for their own self-serving interests?

It’s obvious that the opposition has not been heard by this governing body but ignored and therefore we all must speak louder to ensure they become aware of our opposition.

Write letters and call on the telephone to let these folks know they work for us, the taxpaying, voting public. Remind them about the fact that elections are coming and they can all be replaced, hopefully.

The sneaky way these commissions are handling our business just isn’t okay anymore, make sure they all know it! Vote no on Hidden Gems!

Sandy Anderson


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