Vail Daily letter: Against road in Edwards |

Vail Daily letter: Against road in Edwards

Jeanette Edmonson
Edwards, CO Colorado

Hikers, bikers, hunters, dog walkers and anyone who loves the Berry Creek Road at the June Creek access in Edwards across from the Shaw medical center:

This is your last chance to comment on what Berry Creek Road means to you. There is a developer who is quite serious about developing this road into a two-lane, 20-foot-wide road with 3-foot dirt shoulders all the way up to his property called the Edwards Overlook. The paved road would be 5.2 miles long, the construction of the road and the development of 19 homes on 35-acre parcels will take about nine years, and it will cost about $203 million. The homes are for part-time homeowners.

There are thousands of people who use this area every year. Currently, the road is open in the summer months and closed to motorized vehicles from Jan. 19 until May 1 every year for winter range for elk and deer. Wildlife in this area will be greatly affected, and all of you people who love to spend time there also will be affected.

This proposal is currently on the table with the Eagle County Board of Commissioners. It will be making a decision at its next meeting, on Tuesday, whether to grant the variances sought. You can send your comments to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners to Ben Gerdes, engineer for Eagle County, at This area is a part of the White River National Forest. If you love this area and would like to use it in the future and keep it safe for all the wildlife that inhabits it, please take a few minutes and send your comments. Access to this area during construction will be difficult.

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