Vail Daily letter: Agree with Mazzuca |

Vail Daily letter: Agree with Mazzuca

Eugene Artemyeff
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read with great pleasure Butch Mazzuca’s column “Some simple solutions for U.S.” The same e-mail has crossed my monitor a number of times in the past month.

I agree with the general sentiment of the proposals and in fact have added one of my own. Maybe if enough well-meaning citizens actually get involved, reforms such as those in the e-mail might actually have more than a snowball’s chance of surviving the political heat!

Setting an example of leadership: Members of Congress being elected by the people to represent their best interests shall lead exemplary public and private lives while in office. Any member found guilty of misusing his position in office, of accepting bribes, padding his wallet by the use of favoritism or out and out thievery shall be immediately removed from office and barred from ever serving in any governmental position again.

All money or economic advantages that the guilty party may have been privy to due to his illegal activities shall be returned to the people of the United States, even if it means having to spend the rest of their lives making payments.

Public billboards plastered with his/her face shall be erected outlining their wrongdoing for a period of not less than one year.

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Option: Perhaps bringing back public stocks would be appropriate! Free supply of ripe tomatoes to be kept within throwing range. …

Eugene Artemyeff

Glenwood Landing, N.Y.

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