Vail Daily letter: Alexander offers more |

Vail Daily letter: Alexander offers more

Joanne Harris
Edwards, CO Colorado

As a newcomer to the county, I have put together a profile of Sara Fisher based on newspaper articles and hearsay.

The first article was entitled, “Commissioner gets emotional over term limits ballot question” (dated Aug. 11). I read John and Vicky Roeser’s article dated Sept. 11, Claudia Alexander’s article dated Sept. 23, Beth Slifer’s on Sept. 26 and Sara Fisher’s on Sept. 28.

The Roeser article stated that Sara Fisher lacked any fiscal responsibility. Expenditures of $12.5 million, $4.5 million, $300,000 and $24 million for different projects were mentioned (read article). A horsebarn, recycling center and indoor soccer arena were referred to. If I understand correctly, none of these items were voted on “by the people.” I also understand there is some article “81” which states that a county cannot invest in real estate development. In Claudia Alexander’s article, she said Sara Fisher told her, “government was not meant to be run as a business.”

From Sara Fisher’s emotional letter dated Sept. 28, I make a few comments. First and foremost, how blessed she is to have a friend like Marge Burdick.

However, I would like to have a business-like and factual response to the issues. Be specific. What are the provable facts from your prospective, Mrs. Fisher? Comparing your opponent to your opposition in 1998 is emotional. Words like “intentionally hurtful” and “distorts the truth” are emotional responses. Truth hurts. If something is not the truth, prove it.

I don’t know Sara Fisher,but I believe (aside from fiscal matters) that she has good intentions. In Beth Slifer’s endorsement letter, words like diligence, integrity and dedicated public servant probably fit. Also, the words Sara Fisher used to describe herself – good intentions, honesty, fairness and faith probably fit. Claudia Alexander has these traits plus expertise, fiscal responsibility, and a head for business.

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