Vail Daily letter: All-Colorado great, but … |

Vail Daily letter: All-Colorado great, but …

Tim LyBarger
Vail, CO, Colorado

Erick Briones, the deserving 4A Player of the Year and All-Colorado selection, is an all-world young man. In my opinion, the truest measure of an athlete’s character is if a coach, competitor or individual would want you in their locker room, would want to go to battle with you or would be proud to call you a friend.

Erick stayed at my parent’s home last summer. After the Palisade game, Erick took the time to hug my mom and dad. During the state championship game, my parents characterized Erick as a great young man. Stated another way, all-world!

As a former player, it would be an honor to play with him. More importantly, I would be proud to consider him a friend!

Cope’s 2012 championship team was made up of many all-world young men such as Hevan Garcia, Roberto Diaz, Christian Espinoza, Alex Trujillo and the gran lider, Diego Rodriguez.

I hope some college coach and player will have the honor to have Erick, Hevan, Roberto, Christian, Alex or Diego in their locker room and go to battle – more importantly, have them as a friend!

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Tim LyBarger


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