Vail Daily letter: All due respect |

Vail Daily letter: All due respect

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

As I sit and drink my tasteless cup of homemade coffee (thanks to Bernard Madoff, I can’t afford Starbuck’s, but that’s another story) and read the sto-ry of poor Alberto Vilar, I feel I need to seek forgiveness.

Please forgive me for hoping that Alberto Vilar rots away in a filthy, wretched, rat-infested prison cell while he plays bitch to everyone in his new home. You sold your soul, A.V., and now when the devil comes to col-lect, it’s time to pay. Be happy you have time to still reconcile. By the way, thanks for the sweet concert venue. That place rocks! Let me know if I can send you some soap on a rope.

Tim Taagen, Eagle

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