Vail Daily letter: All gone wrong |

Vail Daily letter: All gone wrong

Bernie Schwartz
Vail, CO, Colorado

When President Obama was elected, I prayed for his safety and success. After 18 months, I see an administration led by him that has no use for we, the Americans.

He and his elitists advisers know what is best for us.

Stimulus is a failure. The promise that unemployment won’t top 8.5 percent is brokine with unemployment now just under 10 percent.

Taxes are going up. No new taxes on families earning less then $200,000 was a lie!

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Bush all got it right when faced with recession. They cut taxes.

Our fearless leader raises taxes even on going to a tanning salon.

Health care is a budget buster with rationing in the future. Senior citizens just die!

I’ve saved the best for last: foreign relations.

Can you name one foreign leader with whom Mr. Obama has forged a strong personal relationship during his 18 months in office? There are none!

What’s the good news? My fellow Americans, including those who voted for Obama, are waking up and they are ready to restore sanity in November’s election.

Many have told me they are sorry for how they voted in 2008 and they plan to get it right this time around. Let’s hope and pray we all get it right before America goes over the falls.

The world is counting on us as it has for the past century to restore peace, feed the world, and bring prosperity, quality health care and Judeo-Christian values to all nations.

It won’t happen if our present government continues to whittle away at the strengths of our nation: the freedoms of speech and our religions, and the talents and intelligence of its people.

Bernie Schwartz