Vail Daily letter: All right, all right already |

Vail Daily letter: All right, all right already

Randy Schroeder
Vail, CO, Colorado

Richard Carnes, we get it. You really, really dislike faith- based religion. We actually got it years and years ago.

But you still seem to have a need to use the the words “mythology” and “rational” over and over regardless of the ostensible subject of your columns.

The first you use to take your regular smug jab at other people’s world view, the latter to inform us of the obvious superiority of your own world view. That’s OK once or twice over the years, but it gets old when you return so often.

It’s your column, and your choice as to what you write.

But somehow the frequency with which you repeat this litany seems to reveal either an obsession or a phobia about the issue.

Maybe consider one of two things: See if, on your own, you can write a month of columns that don’t retread this same issue or get some counseling to help you get over it.

It would improve your readability and your credibility.

Randy Schroeder


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