Vail Daily letter: Allegations untrue |

Vail Daily letter: Allegations untrue

Margo Huff
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have been reading all of the comments regarding the employee that is being charged with misusing an Eagle County credit card. Ms. Vigil is an honest, hard-working single mother of three. I know without a doubt that these allegations are untrue.

When her day in court happens, and it will, Eagle County will be shown they were in the wrong. What the public doesn’t realize is that there are four, let me repeat four, steps to submit your credit card charges.

The first is you must have a receipt for every charge on your credit card. This then goes to your immediate supervisor for approval. The second step is the payment request goes to the finance department, where accounts payable reviews the receipts and the approval from the manager. Next step, the finance director approves the charges and payments. And the final step is the commissioners approve the payment to the credit card company.

So, I ask you if this is the procedure and Ms. Vigil actually misused the credit card, then how come it was approved by four different people? Receipts were given for the charges, and approved. I don’t like to read negative things about people I care for, and the hurtful, uninformed comments the public makes is very sad.

I do agree that there is a definite problem with out-of-control spending on the credit card. But that is a different problem.

So please, before throwing your accusations in the paper, please wait for the outcome from the court case. I thought all people were innocent until proven guilty. Thank you.

Margo Huff

Buena Vista

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