Vail Daily letter: Already cut millions; vote for 3B |

Vail Daily letter: Already cut millions; vote for 3B

Tanya Caruso
President, Eagle County Education Association

I am deeply concerned about the state of our schools and the severe impact that cutting quality education will have on the future of our communities.

Our district has cut millions out of our budget in the past few years. We have tightened our belts so much now that we need you to vote “yes” on the 3B mill levy ballot question. For homeowners, the levy would cost about $8 per month if your appraised value is $500,000. For the cost of a movie ticket per month, we can support our community by keeping our schools strong.

When the mill levy passes, class sizes can remain smaller. We can retain our most experienced and effective teachers by providing competitive benefit packages, salaries and bonuses, continue to support our teachers by reimbursing their continuing education, continue to provide quality materials for our students, transport students who live too far away to walk, keep up our facilities, keep our schools open and continue to offer extracurricular activities and the arts. All of this takes money and all of this is so important to prepare students for life after graduation.

Our teachers put in more than 100 percent. If we fail to pass this initiative, our standout teachers will have to weigh the option (if they are spared a job) to stay in a community that doesn’t support the students they teach but where the expectations are incredibly high, or move to a district that believes in quality public education by offering enriching programs and a competitive salary. I hope you will all vote yes on 3B on your mail-in ballot and make sure it gets in on time. Thank you.

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