Vail Daily letter: Amazing response |

Vail Daily letter: Amazing response

Wess Hamon
Grand Junction, CO Colorado

Vail community: I would like to publicly recognize the great men and women who serve on your EMT, Fire Department, Sheri-ff’s Office and police.

Having been involved in the massive col-lision on Vail Pass on April 1, I experienced firsthand their professionalism, superior training, disaster- management abilities, sharp minds and, most of all, kindness and compassion toward others.

You are truly blessed as a community to have them, and I, my son and two of his friends were truly blessed you had them that day. I couldn’t thank every one of them. When you see them, could you do it for me?

Finally, God bless those people who brought coffee and doughnuts while we were waiting to get off the hill and those who set up a shelter for those who needed it.

Very sincerely,

Wess Hamon Grand Junction

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