Vail Daily letter: America at war! |

Vail Daily letter: America at war!

Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

When America has gone to war, it has been to either prevent perceived threats against our country, come to the aid of an ally or to retaliate for an attack on our country. This is how it has been throughout our history.

Twenty-20 hindsight wisdom has opined that there have been “good” wars and “bad” wars. We cannot alter the past.

Currently we are at war in two theaters, Iraq and ‘ghanistan. No, the war is not over in Iraq.

There are those who feel that the United States should bring democracy to the world. Looking at what is happening now in ‘ghanistan and Iraq, one might come to question agnation

Is it our business? Is it in our best interest? Whenever we leave Iraq and ‘ghanistan, be it in one year or 20 years, the culture of the country will most likely revert back to what it was before we invaded. Is it our mission to change the core values of these countries?

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If they are to change their politics, it is to be done from within. Doing things like paying the Taliban not to fight is ridiculous. We have already done it, and it has not worked. The money we pay these people will probably wind up paying for weapons to kill our own troops.

When a country goes to war, it should be to retaliate quickly with full force to decimate the enemy and show the world that this is what to expect if you attack that country. Did not we learn anything from the Vietnam experience?

We are losing our treasure, the future of our country at an alarming rate.

President Obama has had a call from the commander in the field (his appointment) for additional troops. He needs to fish or cut bait. Stop the bleeding of our troops! Support them or bring them home!

Michael Schneider


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