Vail Daily letter: America has lost |

Vail Daily letter: America has lost

Randy Lasater
Vail, CO, Colorado

Paul Kulas’ commentary “GOP has lost its way” is typical of the rhetoric I’ve heard over the past few months from liberals, Democrats and President Obama himself. That is, how awful, how backward-thinking Republicans are, how dare we not fall blindly in line with the president’s economic plan; what was that, again? Oh, right, tax and spend. How forward thinking of him.

Truth is, all I have heard from the left over the past few months has been criticism, no real solutions. And Obamacare? A solution? All that is is socialized medicine, pure and simple. It doesn’t work in England, it doesn’t work in Canada, and it won’t work here. Ask any doctor. Better yet, ask any health insurance executive; they’re all for it because it will mean more revenue for them.

Wall Street showed us the day after the election what it thought of your choice of leaders. Get used to it. We are screwed for four more years.

And suddenly, according to the president, I’m a rich man because I make over $200,000 per year. Why do I still struggle with expenses, housing costs, saving for college and alimony payments? I’m rich! But not for long. If the president has his way, we will all be making roughly the same amount of money eventually, as we move toward the socialistic society he envisions (uh, oh, I used that word).

You are wrong, Mr. Kulas, when you say that O’Reilly, Ms. Coulter (a very smart woman) and Limbaugh are conservative favorites. Extremism, left or right, is dangerous, but liberals feel they must label everyone, so now those people are my heroes?

You obviously don’t understand what the Republican Party stands for, so please don’t presume to speak for me. I don’t agree with the entire platform, but the main points I believe in are less government and less taxes. Remember “no taxation without representation”? Well, guess what? That’s what we have now. Truly!

Finally, take a look at the man himself, the one you elected. Research his past, how he grew up and where. He is no savior, he is no prophet, and he is a bad president. Have you been asleep the past four years? All he can do is criticize. But really, what has been accomplished under his administration? I am worse off, the state is worse off, and the country is worse off.

Randy Lasater


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