Vail Daily letter: America’s cancer |

Vail Daily letter: America’s cancer

Kevin Kenney
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. Van Ens has been preaching from the progressive-liberal pulpit too long. As stated in his opinion segment March 10: “‘The point politicians need to get is that it is time to stop pandering to the religious,’ said Ryan Cragun, assistant professor of sociology at University of Tampa, ‘because there is a growing percentage of the population that doesn’t want to hear that stuff.'”

That stuff? Do you mean God’s offer of everlasting life? This country has succeeded because it was founded on religious values. To quote George Washington, first president of the United States of America, “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.”

Noah Webster, author of the first American speller and the first dictionary, said, “The Christian religion, in its purity, is the basis, or rather the source of all genuine freedom in government. … and I am persuaded that no civil government of a republican form can exist and be durable in which the principles of that religion have not a controlling influence.”

The illness of progressivism is the cancer that affects our youth today. After 50 years of school indoctrination and removing God from the classroom, we are now reaping the benefits of this cancer. Our children who graduate from our public schools seem to have little or no morals. (See recent indiscriminate shootings.) Schools teach social justice instead of the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Van Ens, I would say God is victorious if after 50 years of progressive indoctrination only 20 percent of American voters write “None” when asked about religious affiliation.

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We need to encourage those 20 percent that tomorrow may be too late to investigate God’s word. With our coming celebration of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection at Easter, I invite all to celebrate His death at any one of the wonderful Christian churches around the valley.

Politicians would be wise to pander to the religious.

If my math is correct, 80 percent of American voters still believe in God.

Kevin Kenney


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