Vail Daily letter: An achieving administration |

Vail Daily letter: An achieving administration

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

After watching the recent Republican debates and listening to a number of fictional one-liners regarding President Obama, I thought that a few facts regarding the achievements of this administration might be refreshing. And so, I offer the following:

1. During the final 13 months of the prior Republican (Bush) administration, we lost approximately 4.5 million jobs. That was followed by the election of Mr. Obama and a 13 month period which saw the trend reversed. Now, during these last 24 months, approximately 4 million jobs have been regained.

2. Among its achievements, the much-maligned stimulus program wisely loaned about $80 billion to General Motors and Chrysler. As a direct result of that loan, more than a million jobs were saved. Furthermore, that loan also enhanced the businesses of countless others that depended on purchases from the affected workers. Of equal importance it saved our American automobile industry. Those companies have regained their viability and are once again profitable with GM resuming its position as the No. 1 automaker in the 2orld! And finally, it is worth noting that more than half of of the $80 billion has now been re-paid.

3. This administration – and Mr. Obama personally – accepted the responsibility and the very considerable political risk associated with eliminating Osama bin Laden! With his knowledge and approval, our amazing special forces have also rescued innocent hostages from pirates on the high seas, and more recently, from captors in Somalia.

4. Our servicemen and women are now safely home from Iraq and they are also coming home from Afghanistan! There may very well be some hiccups as we bring our troops home from Afghanistan, but we all should understand that getting out of a war is far more difficult than getting into one.

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5. This administration successfully brought an end to the very controversial “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military. Furthermore, it has repeatedly taken action in order to further protect the rights of all women, gays and religious minorities. Hurrah for Mr. Obama and more importantly, hurrah for America!

6. And finally, permit me to express a few thoughts regarding health care – specifically, the Affordable Care Act. For starters, it provides insurance for 32 million additional people. It provides coverage — in their parents’ policies — for 4 million young adults. It assures us that both adults and children with preconditions can and will be insured. And it provides coverage for many services that will significantly improve the health and happiness of our women. There are also many features in the plan that are intended to reduce costs, and the Congressional Budget Office, as well as many others, believe that will happen! Predictably, the Republican establishment and some others disagree.

In any case, in consideration of all that it achieves, I do believe that we should give it a chance. Tweak it if it needs tweaking, but give it a chance!

This is by no means a complete list of the accomplishments of this administration, but it is indicative of the progress that has been made during the first three years of Mr. Obama’s presidency.

You might keep it in mind.

David Le Vine


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