Vail Daily letter: An insurance model that works |

Vail Daily letter: An insurance model that works

Many thanks for the series on health insurance and health care costs. It is a complicated and expensive business. I was disappointed that the gentleman that wrote this did not discuss the Safeway plan that was discussed in detail in the Wall Street Journal back in about 2008 or 2009. It had several levels of premium payment for the insured depending on the person’s health condition using blood pressure, weight, height, cholesterol and some other measures to determine risk.

The insured is told that if he improves his general health according to the measures that they use, his insurance cost will drop. Safeway said they loved this plan and that it worked very well. It sounds simple and easy to manage.

Why aren’t we talking about it and using it as a model to eliminate the ridiculous Obamacare mess?

Don Donnalley


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