Vail Daily letter: Andrew’s memory lives on |

Vail Daily letter: Andrew’s memory lives on

Cheyenne Carter
Vail, CO, Colorado

July 20: Today was my first time knowing that Andrew Clamon had passed. It broke my heart. I never had the chance to get to know Andrew.

I can remember it was my freshman year at Battle Mountain High School as half the year had passed and soon came to find out that a kid in my homeroom’s brother had cancer. A perfect stranger I had seen around had cancer. I felt heartbroken for his family. But the more I saw him in the halls, it always seemed that it didn’t bother him.

When I would see Andrew, he was always smiling and taking life as it is. It felt like he was living life to the fullest and taking each day as a gift from God. God took him to a place where there is no more pain, and one day we all will see him again.

In our hearts Andrew Claymon’s memories will always stay alive at Battle Mountain.

Cheyenne Carter

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