Vail Daily letter: Angels among us |

Vail Daily letter: Angels among us

Linda King
Edwards, CO Colorado

In July, I was unfortunate to have a wreck on my bike near home, breaking my femur just below the hip joint in half.

Lying in the middle of Edwards Village Boulevard, a young woman passing by in her car saw it happen. She called to me asking if I was all right. Since I couldn’t move, I said, “I don’t know yet.” She left her brand-new baby in her car and stood by me until another couple came by in a red Jeep. They, too, were concerned, and Pepe eventually lifted me out of harm’s way onto nearby grass till ambulances arrived. A strong young man!

Since I don’t know either of these people, I would like to give them a huge “thank you” for coming to my rescue. You two were truly angels that day coming to my assistance. You hear so many times of injured persons being ignored by passers-by. Our wonderful valley has so many kind and loving people! I am truly grateful and would like to personally thank Melanie and Pepe for their assistance that day.

Please call me. My son is a wonderful chef and would like to prepare an awesome meal for you.

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