Vail Daily letter: Another developer, same town |

Vail Daily letter: Another developer, same town

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

Well, it looks like I was right, again. I said Ginn was getting ready to flip or get out of his Minturn property.

Now the bank owns it, and Crave Real Estate, just another big developer with a different name, will develop the land. The bank had to get rid of the Ginnturn name.

So now, the Minturn Town Council should deal directly with the bank and demand the $21.25 million for the sewer plant, $11.6 million for other town improvements, and the $22 million to buy and destroy more forest land, etc.

But since the Minturn council refuses to do this, then what we need to do is get Lubert-Adler, the bank, to renegotiate and give the Minturn citizens some money now, “good faith,” and reduce the scope or size of the project and reduce the $180 million promised to Minturn.

Look at it this way. We will never see the $180 million anyway, so why not be reasonable and get a little less money immediately? A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, and those two in the bush, ain’t coming out.

As I have said from the beginning, the Minturn council lied to us and got us a bad deal. Now I am simply trying to work with the bad agreement that 87 percent of Minturn voted for.

I think some are seeing the truth now and any renegotiations are going to go a bit differently. More ideas at

The Minturn council promised to put me on their September agenda to discuss lowering our mill levy or give the citizens a tax refund check. Guess what? They lied again. That’s right.

They now refuse to put me on the agenda to discuss this very important matter. Minturn will receive about a 35 percent increase in property taxes from the citizen with no added benefits to the citizen. Just higher bonuses and pay raises for our overstaffed government.

Minturn has to cut back on staff. Even the bank-owned Battle Mountain project admits that it is basically on hold for now. Court date in 2011, economy, etc.

What this means is that all the town staff who were hired for the Ginn project should be laid off.

I have always stated that there must be more going on behind the scenes, because why would your neighbor and friend Hawkeye, Minturn’s mayor, refuse to lower your taxes while at the same time refusing to hold the developer to a contract to get the $180 million for you? It means his friends come a distant second to the developer because Hawkeye wants to keep your higher property taxes, but he lets the developer off the hook.

I had a good run with “Ginnturn.” Now I need some help with a new name for the bank-owned Minturn. Minturn citizens crave the $180 million.

Frank Lorenti


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