Vail Daily letter: Another futile mission in Mideast |

Vail Daily letter: Another futile mission in Mideast

Mikki Futernick
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is absolutely amazing to me that the Obama administration thinks that none of us read the newspapers or watch the news on TV or the Internet. They think they can say anything and we will not know the difference.

Our secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, has convened a “peace conference” to create a two-state solution to the Middle East problems. Hello! There already is a two-state solution in the Middle East. The Palestinian Authority and Hamastan.

These two political entities have very little in common and continually harass, attack and even kill the residents of the other side within their borders. Obviously there is no agreement between them, as Hamas is not represented at these “peace talks.”

What they are really talking about is a three-state solution. Why aren’t they calling this conference by its real name — a three state solution to the problems in the Middle East?

Hamas cannot be part of the “peace talks,” because Islam — as they interpret and practice their religion — cannot accept a Jewish state of any size in their midst. Unless Hamas comes to terms with their holy writings and goes through some sort of reformation, it is unlikely that they can ever be a peace partner. No one believes that will happen, as their strict Islamic belief is behind their popularity.

So one must ask that if they cannot and will not be part of the Palestinian Authority, then they must be their own country — declared or not? They are the administrators of Hamastan and make the laws and carry them out according to Sharia (Islamic law.) Thus, the logical conclusion that there are already two Muslim-Arab states and Israel is the third country in that region.

So what’s going on in Washington with the so called “moderate” Palestinian Authority? It’s the same old, same old. For 20 years, Muslim and Jew have sat at a negotiating table with the same issues on the table. These issues have not changed over 20 years, nor has there been any progress from the Palestinian side.

They were to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, give up terrorism, and stop incitement against Jews and Israelis in the schools, television, and the printed media. They were to “build a culture of peace” amongst their people.

In 20 years they could have done that, but not one step has been taken in that direction. Instead they are still honoring “homicide bombers” with streets named after them as glorious heroes and running TV programs that denigrate Jews and Israelis.

The Israelis would like the Palestinians to live in peace with them. They want them to govern themselves. After all, they gave them the opportunity to do just that when they left the Gaza strip in 2005. Israel left an entire economic infrastructure, which was smashed by the Palestinians within hours. Within days, the shower of rockets began to descend on Jewish civilians living close to the border.

We don’t need anyone to tell us that this is what happens when you exchange “land for peace.” We can all clearly see that the objective was not met. There is no peace.

Why does this administration think that it can change a 1,400-year mindset in one year, especially since the last 20 years has made not an iota of difference?

And here’s the last question that these talks will not settle: If Muslims can live in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, why can’t Jews live in Muslim neighborhoods? Is it because Mahmoud Abbas sees his state as a Palestinian, Arab, Muslim state with no room for any other religion and Jerusalem is just one part of the state he envisions?

I think it is time for our government to stop chasing rainbows in the Middle East and spending our tax dollars for going-nowhere conferences, and spend that same time on the serious issues that affect all of us, right here in the USA.

Mikki Futernick


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