Vail Daily letter: Another view of world war’s aim in Japan |

Vail Daily letter: Another view of world war’s aim in Japan

Marshall R. Goodman
Vail, CO, Colorado

Syndicated columnist David Sirota’s recent commentary on China displayed an appalling lack of historical knowledge, coupled with hostile partisanship.

The war in Japan was largely orchestrated by FDR-Stalin and their Communist cohorts whose goal it was to destroy Japan to allow Joseph Stalin’s troops to march into and seize China.

FDR through an executive order — i.e., acting as a lone tyrant — froze all Japanese assets in the United States six months before Pearl Harbor, sending Japan, our third-largest trading partner at that time, into the throes of extreme desperation and financial ruin. (The U.S. seems to be the Japan of yesteryear.)

Taking over China had long been a goal of Communists who sought control over the country’s massive population and natural resources. The FDR-Stalin alliance also had Central Europe well within grasp — once they got rid of Hitler, that was — and that task, like the defeat of Japan, was accomplished using U.S. and British resources and troops.

Chinese nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek fought for the Allies all during the war in the Far East only to have the Stalinist propaganda machine turn on him, forcing him and millions of democratic followers to retreat to Formosa (now Taiwan) after the war.

The Soviets didn’t even enter the Pacific war until three days after Hiroshima, just in time to dictate settlement terms while allowing millions of people to die horrible deaths in a war that FDR and Stalin prolonged.

Also, the Communist newspaper The Daily Worker delighted in the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and wanted more atomic bombs dropped on Japan in order to destroy the country — completely and utterly.

U.S. Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur and other honest people in the State Department were horrified that we had even bombed Japan, which was largely defeated and ready to surrender.

In “How The Far East Was Lost” (1963), author Anthony Kubek notes that at that time “various statements and actions by responsible American officials indicated that at least some officials in our Department of State intentionally aided the Communist movement in the Far East.” Kubek notes that some individuals were motivated by visions of a one-world government “bought by unlimited appeasement of international Communism, and made possible by the erection of Marxist regimes everywhere.”

Just as these forces today claim that Big Business is behind illegal immigration, they also blame U.S. corporations for the relocation of many American facilities and jobs to China. Both are big lies based on the infinite ability of the masses to forget. The commentary you printed both exemplifies and encourages such dangerous ignorance.

Marshall R. Goodman


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