Vail Daily letter: Anti-Trump sign inappropriate for Fourth of July parade |

Vail Daily letter: Anti-Trump sign inappropriate for Fourth of July parade

Political sign inappropriate for Vail parade

My wife and I own a second home on Forest Road and have been traveling to Vail several times a year since 1985. Winter skiing, spring skiing and, of course, the summers are all wonderful seasons. We have our usual favorite restaurants, including Matsuhisa, The 10th and this year we tried the new Almresi, which was fun and so very authentic, with excellent service.

I notice something new every year in Vail, from the slopes to the village. There is always something added that enhances your experience. This year, I noticed something new in the Forth of July parade that did not enhance my experience.

While viewing the parade with our twin sons (at another favorite restaurant, Alpenrose), we noticed an individual carrying an anti-Trump sign, parodied by that loser actor Alec Baldwin. If memory serves me, in all of the years of attending this charming, small-town parade, I have never viewed an anti-Clinton sign or an anti-Obama sign. And I bet there would not have been an anti-Crooked Hillary sign this year if she would have won the election, thank God.

While walking to the house, I passed the man with the ridiculous sign who had stopped to show the sign to some small children and was laughing with them about it. I would have to surmise the parents were not too happy about it, regardless of their politics.

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I am not sure who supervises the parade regarding occupants, but this type of display degrading any sitting president in the White House is inappropriate on so many levels. I personally do not want to see any type of anti-political sign in any parade, especially in Vail, and I would have to suspect that the majority of the people visiting Vail on this very special day would agree.

Matt Layton

Corpus Christi, Texas

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