Vail Daily letter: Anyone respect leash law? |

Vail Daily letter: Anyone respect leash law?

Randy Smith
Vail, CO, Colorado

My wife and I are proud parents to a beautiful 16-week-old golden retriever. This is my first dog, but my wife has had three, and we are both thrilled as we can be.

Unfortunately, I am appalled by the number of people who allow their dogs to roam free throughout the Wildridge neighborhood.

When my puppy was only 12 weeks old, I was walking him on his leash and a very large golden retriever came out of a driveway, sniff my hand then attack my puppy right in front of me. I was able to get him to release my puppy’s head from his mouth, but not before he delivered two bites to his face and one to my hand. One of the bites to my puppy’s face became infected and required medical treatment.

My poor puppy ran yelping away from the broken leash. I had to chase him down and lift him off the ground before the attacking dog could get to him again.

I was amazed to get a call from my neighbor’s attorney asking me if my dog was on a leash when the attack occurred. They had the time and energy to call their attorney and have her search me out, but not to call me to check on my puppy! Since that time I have had to lift my puppy up to avoid other unleashed dogs at least six times and, amazingly enough, just the other day from the same dog that attacked him.

My puppy is traumatized, but with the help of a local trainer is beginning to socialize with other dogs again instead of cowering and wetting himself. Walking my dog has become somewhat an exercise in fear as opposed to something that should be utterly fun and calming.

I have read articles on how to deal with this if my dog is ever attacked again, but it would seem that I should not have to.

I should not have to worry about unleashed dogs at all. If anything like this happens again, my attorney will be the one making the phone call.

Randy Smith


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