Vail Daily letter: Appalled at conduct |

Vail Daily letter: Appalled at conduct

Dr. Tom Steinberg
Vail, CO Colorado

Last week, our county commissioners invited the proponents of the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal to host an informational presentation and question and answer period for Eagle County citizens.

One of the objectives the Hidden Gems wilderness proponents had hoped the meeting would accomplish was to begin a dialogue with motorized recreation enthusiasts, and come to some compromise on points of contention as they’ve done with the mountain biking community and even the United States Army. Despite several offers, this group has refused all overtures of dialogue.

It was clear from the outset, unfortunately, that the motorized contingent had no interest in entering into a dialogue of any sort with the wilderness advocates and meant to shout them down in a blatantly hostile manner.

As a 40-plus-year resident of Eagle County and someone who has been involved in frequent political discussions and heated debates, I was appalled at the complete breakdown of civil discourse exhibited by the motorized contingent.

If the tactics of intimidation and hostility are the only way the motorized recreation enthusiasts who attended this week’s meeting can behave, it seems to me that they’ve lost their seat at the table.

Hopefully, the county commissioners will be able to rely on the type of civilized debate we’re used to in Eagle County in order to determine their support of the Hidden Gems proposal.

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