Vail Daily letter: Archaic ways |

Vail Daily letter: Archaic ways

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

Reference is made to the article in the Vail Daily April 17 regarding protests against President Saleh of Yemen and his remarks concerning women’s rights (currently none in his country).

Strict adherence to Islamic law in all Muslim-dominated nations around the world effectively binds and gags women, and as a consequence has the effect of diminishing the potential workforce of a nation by 50 percent.

This archaic way of conducting the affairs of state will only work (for the few at least) as long as mineral, oil and gas revenues continue to flow, and about 5 percent of the population holds dictatorial power while pocketing over 95 percent of the wealth of the nation.

However, with such a badly diminished potential work force, most if not all of these Muslim nations are ultimately doomed economically, as they will simply not be able to compete economically on the world stage with nations who welcome women in the work force with open arms.

Nations that over the years have adopted laws giving women the same rights as men are for the most part prospering, and are likely to continue to do so, as women in increasing numbers demonstrate that they are fully capable of doing jobs that men do equally well, and in some cases substantially better.

It is with great embarrassment, and a sense of outrage, that I find the government of the United States has backed Saleh for as long as he has been in power.

The sad reality is that the United States has a long, dark history of supporting dictators and tyrants of one stripe or another just so long as they give us what we want in terms of their country’s natural resources.

Peter Bergh


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