Vail Daily letter: Are you kidding? |

Vail Daily letter: Are you kidding?

Walter Dandy
Vail, CO, Colorado

Recently a very damning representation was made in your paper in a byline article (Sarah Mauslof) about a candidate for Avon Town Council. This information, if true, would disqualify the candidate from serious consideration. If it is false, I demand an immediate front page retraction and apology to the candidate and to this community.

The candidate is Jim Benson. You are alleging in print that Benson was a member of the 1998 Town Council which granted Magnus Lindholm the extraordinary development rights and taxing authority this community has suffered under, in and out of court, ever since. You claim he admits it.

The Daily further suggests that Benson proposes a more gentle, forgiving, open-minded treatment of Lindholm in the future.

This is nonsense. Anyone who was on that traitorous council, and who had the temerity to run again, would at the very least change his name. Even then, lest he risk recognition and ridicule, he would never publicly touch the subject of Lindholm.

Kindly check your facts. If this Jim Benson is innocent of any association with the council that sold us all down the Eagle River, and if he is not spouting Lindholm’s latest agenda verbatim, then you must correct the record to preserve your valuable credibility, and to give this man back his dignity.

Or is the Daily right, and Benson’s platform is one of asking this community to turn the other cheek?

PS I see that town statute is limiting my political freedom. I would like to be able to exercise my right to vote for the candidate of my choice. By term-limiting Ron Wolfe and Brian Sipes, the town is excluding two of the finest public servants this place will ever see. Fortunately, we have Carroll and Dantas up again, and familiar, reliable faces in Evans and Goulding.

Walter Dandy

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