Vail Daily letter: Attack my opinions, not me |

Vail Daily letter: Attack my opinions, not me

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Ordinarily, I would not come to the defense of a messenger who has the audacity to analyze and critique those current and public issues that confront Americans today.

However, I am compelled to respond to the very personal and virulent aspersions cast upon Mr. Bernhardt and myself by Mr. Tim Moffet via his letter published March 19. That is to say, the message should have more import than who has delivered it.

Contrary to what Mr. Moffet would have it, I do not characterize myself as being on the “right fringe” or a “paranoid conspirator with a double standard.”

Nor am I a “hypocrite” with “Chicken Little fears,” as he would put it.

However, I am 70 years old and have lived in this valley ever since there was a Vail where Mr. Moffet now dwells.

As I do not know of which letter I have written in the past to arouse the angst and ire of Mr. Moffet, I can only surmise that the issues, observations and First Amendment opinions (the “message) I have penned do not accord with Mr. Moffet’s political persuasions.

In defense of myself and Mr. Bernhardt, I can only say that I have alluded to those issues of the day and not to any particular political party, left or right pole on the political spectrum or a certain public personality or faction — only to the statements, actions or positions they may have displayed.

Rather than allude to me as something that I am not, I would invite Mr. Moffet to address what issues or opinions I have raised or made in the past — identify them in particular and retort to those issues or opinions if he is so much in disagreement.

He has the advantage in this dialogue, since he knows what I have opined that offended him, and I am unaware of his knowledge in the matter.

Although I am a registered Republican, I have never differentiated a “Republican” from a “Democrat” or some other political ilk when addressing an issue. Labels are irrelevant when we all have a constructive discourse on the issues.

So to perhaps raise further personal enmity from Mr. Moffet’s quarter, I would aver that the proposed health care bill before the House is all about a power grab by its proponents (Republican or Democrat), and it has nothing to do with the health and welfare of the public. In other words, its provisions are inimical to the foundations of this republic.

That said, Mr. Moffet, have at it!

Fredric Butler

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