Vail Daily letter: Attorney appalled by case |

Vail Daily letter: Attorney appalled by case

As a lawyer and an occasional cyclist, I am absolutely appalled by the horrific miscarriage of justice in the Martin Erzinger hit-and run case. There are so many things wrong with this completely inappropriate result that it’s hard to know where to begin. Perhaps the most egregious aspect of this travesty is the message it sends regarding personal responsibility.

The prosecutor and the court seem to feel that if the routine and expected punishment for outrageous behavior might cause economic harm to the perpetrator, then he should be treated lightly.

But isn’t the correct lesson to be learned the opposite one — if a person is, or should be, aware that his reckless behavior could have severe personal and financial consequences, it behooves him to act even more prudently.

Your honor, you should be ashamed of yourself for abdicating your responsibility to justice and blindly participating in this charade.

And Morgan Stanley, it would be a refreshing breath of integrity for you to mete out the private punishment your employee so clearly deserves.

Oh and that “new car smell” defense?! Can’t wait until members of the drug pusher and pimp community catch onto that one and figure out that buying a new Caddy or Mercedes every couple of weeks may give them a free, as well as a sweet, ride. Good luck with that.

John I. Davis

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