Vail Daily letter: Avon Mayor Ron Wolfe Seeks water board seat |

Vail Daily letter: Avon Mayor Ron Wolfe Seeks water board seat

Ron Wolfe Vail, CO,

I ask for your vote for director of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. As a director, I will work for clean, plentiful and inexpensive water and lowest-cost nonpolluting sewage treatment. If elected, I will bring to bear my management and engineering expertise to make sure that the district aggressively protects our precious water resources and the environment and uses them prudently.Concepts like the waste-heat recovery project that the town of Avon initiated are examples of what I expect the district to support. This project captures waste heat from sewage treatment and puts it to productive use heating buildings. It eliminates excessive discharge of hot effluent into the Eagle River and the consequential damage to fish and other aquatic life. Many Front Range cities are laying claim to our water resources, and toxic mine discharges threaten our rivers and streams. These challenges will be among my priorities.Elections for directors of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District happen “below the radar” and are not publicized. This should greatly concern all citizens and customers. There will be an election on May 4, and I am the only candidate contesting one of the three seats up for election. To vote, you must request a ballot or go to a polling place. Mail-in ballots are not automatically sent to eligible voters. Even though the seat I am running for represents part of Avon and Vail, all persons can vote if they live or own property anywhere in the district’s service area, Vail through Wolcott, and if they are registered voters anywhere in the state of Colorado. And you may vote for all seats regardless of what town or region the candidate represents or where the voter’s property is. Directors are elected at large, just like county commissioners.Unless one knows of the election and goes to a polling place or requests a mail ballot, eligible electors are disenfranchised. We have many second-home owners who live in Colorado – and probably pay lots of water and sewage bills here – who are never given a fair opportunity to vote. Even full-time residents of the service area who are on the county permanent mail-ballot distribution for municipal elections do not automatically receive an Eagle River Water & Sanitation District ballot. Everyone must make a ballot request. You can do so by e-mailing, faxing a request to 970-476-4089 or calling 970-476-7480. Make your request now.I stand for a well-run, transparent district conserving and protecting water resources and the environment at the lowest and most fair costs. Personally, I believe that the recent rate increases were questionable and poorly justified as a base-rate-increase-funded expenditure. The district’s reluctant support of the Avon waste-heat-recovery project greatly concerns me! Avon is the home of a water-treatment plant and a sewage plant, the latter being on leased town land. Avon is also the home of a great many of the district’s residential and commercial rate-payers. Avon and all other users deserve fair and balanced representation on this board. Ron Wolfe Avon

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