Vail Daily letter: Avon Police come through |

Vail Daily letter: Avon Police come through

Jonathan L. Levine
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have lived in the Vail Valley for almost 10 years and have always thought that people should help people. At least that is what my parents taught me.

A community is a team. Neighbors helping neighbors, and police helping citizens.

Today I write to tell you that the town of Avon has really changed. The new chief of police of Avon really understands what helping is all about.

Recently, several Avon police officers went beyond the call of duty to illustrate just this principle. Their names are Bryan Mullet, Jim Perez, Matt Jamison and Greg Daly.

The story goes like this:

I parked my van at the local coffee shop in Avon called Loaded Joe’s and received a call around 2 a.m. from the bartenders that a young lady had backed into my van and left the scene. They were able to identify the type of vehicle and the sex of the driver, but that was it.

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We called the Avon Police, and they came within minutes. They spent the next several hours checking around the area for the basic vehicle description and continued for several days afterwards.

Fortunately, the offending vehicle left a small chrome part of its bumper at the scene of the accident. Lt. Greg Daly of the Avon Police said they would continue to look out for this vehicle description and that they would follow up any tip that I received.

I was amazed at the diligence of the Avon Police, especially officers Perez, Mullet and Jamison. This was the first time I have actually felt compassion from a police officer in the Vail Valley. Wow!

Well, it had been almost three months, and I was starting to wonder if my time had run out. Then, while driving down Route 6, I passed a vehicle that matched the description. As it passed, I noticed that the sun shined on the bumper and left a small area black — the piece that I had found at the scene. I performed a U turn and followed the vehicle to the next stop sign, where I was able to get a picture of the license plate.

I immediately called Lt. Daly on his personal cell phone number that he had provided as a courtesy.

He informed me to stand down and allow him to follow up.

After two days, I called Lt. Daly, and to my surprise he had already contacted the owner. When he inspected the vehicle, the bumper part was a perfect match! Fortunately for the driver, she came clean and her insurance company paid all the repairs and expenses.

What can I say? What can anyone say? I choose to simply say, thank you Avon Police!

Jonathan L. Levine